The Best 6 Non Toxic Moisturizers For Winter

The Best 6 Non Toxic Moisturizers For Winter

Today is all about the best of the best at combating the harsh winter environment! Thank you Anique (neeky, neekie, nique, never had to spell your nick name before) for requesting this! Hydration, and moisturizers are by far, my favorite part of skin care!

I am going to first start of by saying that besides a good moisturizer you need to exfoliate, as well as give your skin the water it needs. A lot of people just use a thick cream and think thats enough. The problem is, the top of your skin feels soft, but the bottom layers are still parched. Thats why when you wash your face it feels all dry and tight again. 

Try gentle chemical exfoliators like lactic acid, or get a vibrating silicone face cleanser tool. After getting rid of the dead skin your serums and moisturizers will be much more effective. Please do not use sugar, salt, or plastic bead scrubs. They cause micro tears, and the plastic beads kill marine life. 

After cleansing, before moisturizer, or any product with oil, use a product to hydrate. Hydration is water based, moisturizing is oil based. So many people, and companies get this wrong. If you use an oil or moisturizer you have a barrier on your skin which will not allow water based products to get to your skin.

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My favorite hydrator for a year has been Isntree's hyaluronic acid toner, its more of a watery gel. For oily skin you will only need one layer, for dry skin I love to use at least three layers. You can go up to seven layers if you want to try the Korean skin method. I also love soaking cotton rounds in the toner and letting it sit on my face like a sheet mask. This toner is non irritating, and has no dangerous chemicals, and is ewg approved yayyyy. Alright now what everyone actually came to this article for, MOISTURIZERS!

#1 Oil (Rosehip, Hemp, Emu) $15-$40 depending what brand

*Please make sure it is organic and cold pressed*

Personally I only use Rosehip oil on my face nowadays. Rosehip oil is non comedogenic (1 out of 5) and has vitamin A which is what retinol is (only known ingredient to reverse aging.) I prefer oils because they are pure, and do not have fillers like moisturizers usually do which irritate the skin. They are also more affordable in terms of what you are getting. I love to use 10 drops, press into skin, than another 10 drops. Yes my face looks mega glowy (which I love) But it sinks in after 15 minutes.

For oily skin try hemp oil (0 comedogenic rating and actually balances oil production) You can also add 20 drops of geranium essential oil to 1fl oz of hemp oil to further control oil, by balancing the skin, not stripping it. 

For anyone with severely damaged skin try emu oil. It actually is the only oil that is able to penetrate all 7 layers of the skin. You can also add herbs or 20 drops of essential oil to 1fl oz to add other benefits. I recommend blue tansy.


#2 Chikyu Kinsenka Moisture Retention Cream $21.35 (1fl oz)

My favorite indie skin care brand of all time, CHIKYU. Lynn creates everything by hand, and made to order. The ingredients are extremely luxurious, yet somehow her pricing is extremely affordable?! This cream is lavish, and comforts skin by moisturizing deeply, and helps retain it over time. It has marine algae, marigold oil, green tea, plant peptides, baobab oil, babassu oil, and so many more!

#3 Josh Rosebrook Vitlal Balm Cream $45-$85 (0.75oz-1.5oz)

Now I will start off by saying this one is a tad pricey, but most clean moisturizers, that have good ingredients, and no toxic ones, tend to be pricey. Which is why I tend to stick with oils. This cream has Aloe Vera, which we all love, organic actives to heal and protect the skin, along with rich plant oils to soothe the skin. Some of my favorite ingredients in this are, honey, indian senna seed which is a form of hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, and so many more!


#4 Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer $42 (2fl oz)

This has aloe, algae, shea, jojoba, primrose, borage, linseed, vitamins B5, C, and E. It is a rich, creamy moisturizer, which has a good fatty acid ratio, which balances dry skin. Calming botanicals also help sensitive skin.


#5 May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon $180 (it's worth it I promise)

Now before you have a heart attack, this is the most luxurious, divine, balm/cream I have ever experienced. It has my favorite ingredient EVER, blue tansy. Blue tansy gets rid of redness instantly and calms down irritated skin like a DREAM. This has camellia oil, marula oil, yangu oil, blue tansy oil, geranium rose, lavender, and others, whipped into shea and cocoa butter.


#6 Chikyu Vita 20 Intensive Repair Face Cream $25.50 (1 fl oz)

After the last rather pricey product I thought it would be nice to show my favorite, and affordable brand some more love. This is my personal favorite moisturizer from Chikyu, it has so many powerful ingredients. Beta Carotene, Bilberry, Coq10, Cranberry, Grape root, Green tea, Hibiscus, Hyaluronic acid, Licorice root, Maitake Mushroom, Niacinamide, the list gos on and on!

Let me know what your favorite non toxic moisturizers for winter are! I would love to have more things to add to my carts!

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Lots of love, Jaegger

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