The Top 10 Ingredients to Run Away from in Cosmetics

The Top 10 Ingredients to Run Away from in Cosmetics

As requested by my beautiful and talented colleague Lisa, this article is all about the top 10 ingredients you should always avoid! If you have these in your beauty product now, I suggest you throw them out. Please make a note of these in an app or somewhere handy so you can bring it with you every time you go shopping! FYI this is my second time writing this, because I am an idiot and deleted the original by mistake! UGHHHH hahaha


#1 Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

This is detergent, yes detergent which we put on our face, and in our mouths. It is a super cheap ingredient companies love to use. Sometimes it will also be Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. It is created from Alcohol and SULFURIC ACID! Uh ya no thank you! It is a know irritant, and sometimes contains 1,4 Dioxane. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies that as a group 2b carcinogen.


#2 Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

No not bha as is beta hydroxy acid, which we use in acne skincare. This is a waxy solid that is used as a preservative. The U.S. National Institutes of Health report it to be a human carcinogen. Animal studies, where they fed it to rats and hamsters (poor little guys) developed pappilomas, and carcinomas. It can also cause skin depigmentation. 


#3 Triclosan (TCS) or Triclocarbon

Oh the good old 90s where companies pumped this into every frikken soap. Originally it was for hospitals to help better kill bacteria. But studies have shown that it actually makes bacteria STRONGER against antibiotics. It disrupts hormones, messes with the endocrine system, the thyroid hormone balance, and can make allergies much worse. 


#4 Coal Tar (Aminophenol, Diaminobenzene, Phenylenediamine)

NOT THE SAME AS CHARCOAL. Yes this is the same stuff they pave roads with, and cover roofs, and yet people use it on their scalp and body??? It causes skin irritation, and sun sensitivity. In animal studies is consistently causes cancer. In 1775 it was the first substance PROVEN to cause cancer. Workers that were around coal tar on a daily basis sadly developed cancer from it. Long term use causes it to bind to dna and can cause tar warts, ewe. The International Agency for Research on Cancer says its a group 1 carcinogen. Which means it DIRECTLY CAUSES CANCER!


#5 Parabens

Pretty much in every beauty product ever to preserve it. For some people (such as myself) it causes rosacea and dermatitis. The FDA has seen cases of breast cancer and reduced sperm linked to parabens, yet they have not ruled it as harmful??? Methylparaben in particular, causes skin aging, and skin cancer when you go outside with it on.


#6 PEGS (Polyethylene)

The most common plastic in the world. It is found in all of those face scrubs that so many people love. The problem is when you flush it down the drain...its plastic so it doesn't decompose. Most of the time it is coated in 1,4 Dioxane which we know is a potential carcinogen.


#7 Petroleum

This one is dedicated to my mother! Lover of vaseline, I always thought it was so disgusting! Petroleum is from dead animals that get trapped under a rock for years. After the heat and pressure it creates a goo, that people than smother on their skin. It suffocates the skin, and don't get me started on how horrible to oil industry is. Because at the end of the day petroleum is drilled for just like oil.


#8 Fragrance

My arch nemesis! Fragrance is the top 5 allergen in the world! So many companies use it in decent formulas, which ruins the entire thing. I get hives and rashes like nobody's business from it. The scary part is that, by law companies just have to put "fragrance" as the ingredient. But studies show theirs over 15 chemicals inside. Just use fragrance free beauty products, and find a good organic perfume that only uses essential oils. Its higher quality and lasts longer, plus your lungs wont freak out!


#9 Oxybenzone

Found in almost every sunscreen. Just throw it out now. Don't buy it, run away from it. Use zinc or titanium dioxide. It mimics estrogen to a T, and as a gay man I don't need anymore estrogen! But for females this seriously damages your bodies and how it functions. Additionally because of beach bums, oxybenzone has bleached most of the coral reefs destroying the oceans. 


#10 Hydroquinone

This is bleach, yes bleach, sadly so many people use bleach creams. But you should still double check if this is in any of your beauty products. The FDA warns that this causes Ochronosis which are blue black lesions. Whats also terrifying is when people get illegal bleach creams they almost always contain MERCURY!

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